How To Meditate

In this short article I will give you a short rundown on how to start meditating today. It’s a very simple procedure but there are many problems you can run into when you’re just starting.

Find a place to sit

Start by finding a good place where you can be in complete silence and peace of mind away from any noises or distractions. This should be a comfortable serene place where there’s no chance that you will be interrupted.

You can start your practice routine in this space by using rituals as well. The purpose of rituals is simply too get you in the correct state of mind for meditation. They don’t need to be religious. So you can create your own rituals that will get you in the mood to relax and forget about the rest of your day and the rest of your problems.

Learn how to sit

The next thing you need to do is find a comfortable way to sit. You don’t need to sit crosslegged like a Buddhist monk. You can use a chair if you like. Just make sure that it has a straight back and about your spine will be aligned from the top of your head to your seat, so that your head is stacked on top of your spine, and your spine is stocked like a stack of quarters.


The next step is to relax. Simply let the rest of your day and your worries melt away. There is nothing special that you need to do in meditation except for observe your own thought patterns. Don’t try to force yourself to be relaxed only observed what you’re thinking about currently I’m allowed to pass naturally. Don’t push anything away, and don’t cling to any feelings even if they are pleasurable or even if they feel right.

That is the beginning of a good meditation practice. Set a timer for 10 minutes and just let your mind go wherever will. Don’t judge yourself. More on the next steps later.

The Art Of Meditation: Why It Works

Meditation, the simple act of keeping still and quieting your mind, body and soul. To learn how to center yourself and find balance within your life. That is what meditation means for me.

For some people it means so much more. Meditation has helped change lives. The art of meditation has so many benefits and there are a thousand of witnesses who can tell you the blessings it gave to their lives.

Here you will find a list of websites to prove to you how meditation works miracles.


On the site, Ashley turner speaks of the meditation process as a crucial part of living. With meditation she explains that you will be able to nurture the energy of peace and happiness around you. She recommends it not only to her clients but to everyone.

Ashley has recommended it to her clients who suffer from different kinds of emotional, psychological and physical issues. She believes that the benefits of mediation can truly do wonders in thier lives.

In her website she talks about MIND STRENGTH. Mediation encourages us to practice ourselves in strengthening our control over our minds. This enables us to consciously choose our thoughts carefully, and pick the ones that give us more benefit.

With a good meditation practice, you will start to see the difference. When you learn how to choose your thoughts, you then alter the energy that you attract. Then you will feel that your life is lighter, healthier and happier.

“SAHAJ” MEANS EFFORTLESS explained the kind of meditation Shrimati Bhanu Narasimhan teaches. She calls it “Sahaj” and it simply means effortless. Saying that part alone makes you feel relaxed already.

The meditation type is mantra base. “Sahaj” focuses on different goals versus its other predecessors.

This kind of meditation focuses on reducing stress, healthier lifestyle, self-awareness, and happiness. It has shown benefits in slowing down the aging process, and cardiovascular system. Sara Robinson, one of her students says that she is now more “centered and focused” than ever.


It’s always a wonder to hear about first hand experiences in the most natural form. Philip Dhingra an author from describes his experience beautifully.

He talks about how it all started for him. He just saw an article about meditation and after hearing the benefits he and his friends started a meditation group. They stuck to the 8 week program and after day 1 he felt the benefits.

After a day, he suddenly started to let go of small issues around him. All of a sudden he was not stuck to a routine anymore; he worried less about small things. His mind started to focus on more important events and moments in his life. Above all he felt physically and mentally sharp.

These are just a few of the people and sites that can prove to you that truly Meditation works. For more stories and insights on the benefits of meditation you can also visit, (here they give you scientific details on the benefits of the art) and

May you live life to the full.

Google Talk: Mindfulness To Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Eastern cultures have long known the benefits of mindfulness meditation on stress, anxiety and sense of well-being. With the advent of advanced neuroscience and non-invasive brain monitoring techniques, science is now beginning substantiate the connection.

Though not everyone is the West is ready to adopt the Eastern rituals and culture surrounding meditation, the act of mindfulness is nonetheless effective improving quality of life.

Watch this Google Tech Talk on how occasional mindfulness meditation can be used to improve productivity and general happiness in and out of the workplace.

The Benefits of Meditation From Jon Kabat-Zinn

What can meditation do for you in your everyday life?

We are beginning to see that the mind-body connection is more profound than we ever thought possible. Modern science now acknowledges that meditation can reduce stress and improve performance because it allows us to base our emotional well being on a solid surface. This stability of emotional health allows for better health of all organ systems, better functioning of the brain and immune systems.

Why You Should Start Meditating Today…

In this video he talks about some of the biggest benefits of meditation and why you should start meditating today, if you haven’t already started:

Kabat-Zinn discusses how the structure of the brain is changed with changed thought. When thought is controlled to focus on clarity, equanimity and peace, more brain systems are recruited to feel this way more often, over time. These emotions soon become ‘habit’, and they become the modus operandi of the brain over time.

Meditation also improves concentration and focus as a byproduct of practice, which can be useful in other areas of life such as sports and career work.

How Meditation Improves Sport Performance

meditation-338446_640Many people in the West understand that meditation is something done by monks or hipsters either seeking for enlightenment or better health. But mediation can also be used by athletes to improve their athleticism.

Meditation has become popular with many NBA players so that it has become a key element to achieving sporting success. In addition to typical basketball performance training, mindfulness training can play an important role in complete-athlete fitness.

Find typical basketball performance training to complement mental training at:

So how does it improve performance?


Endurance athletes, such as US Olympic cyclist John Howard, are known to have used meditation techniques to achieve improvements. Mediation utilizes visualization techniques and deep breathing to help their bodies work harder. It can help athletes push themselves beyond the extra mile and change the grueling race into a joy ride.

Relax and Reduce Stress

One of the biggest enemies an athlete can face during a game is stress. Stress is known to negatively affect judgments and cause poorer performance. Mediation is crucial to remain cool and calm under pressure, but at the same time improve alertness.


The intensity of a match and the passion of fans can get the better of any athlete and his performance. Mediation can be used to filter out distractions or negative thoughts we have about ourselves and focus on the game in hand.

Improve sleep

People who mediate are known to sleep quickly at night and get all the rest they need. Athletes who sleep better at night can experience a dramatic improvement in their performance and health.

Increase recovering time

Mediation can help athletes recover from injuries or sore muscles quicker. A study at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine determined that people who mediated had improved immune systems and were less prone to respiratory diseases.


Mediation can be used by athletes get into the zone’ and play in their highest ability. This can be done by improving your mindfulness and immerse themselves in the environment. It was applied successfully by George Mumford, a coach who had worked with the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Steps to becoming a mindful athlete (

Mind & Body Connection

Athletes can use mediation to build up their confidence, as well. Athletes can enhance their awareness of their muscles and help find any potential injuries early on and deal with it before becoming severe.

Meditation can also heighten the awareness level between the body and mind, allowing the athlete to perform at the height of their skill.

How To Improve Your Health With Yoga

Yoga is the yogabest form of exercise for today’s busy generation. Although a vast domain, with a list of asanas or exercises, the health benefits associated with this are numerous. There is more to Yoga than the observable health benefits. A fit and flexible body can be judged from the outside, but the psychological healing alongside is one of the core reasons why Yoga is adopted worldwide.

Shaping the body

Yoga can be used as a tool for weight loss. The rigorous asanas not only help to reduce the body fat, but also shape the body. The ‘Pranayama’ asana helps you get rid of that dangerous body fat, and also keeps you in shape for the longer-term. Heart problems, poor back are some of the issues as a result of excess weight, Yoga can help you eliminate this.

Boosting the immunity

There are poses in Yoga which helps a person to destress, and when combined with other exercise which strengthens the muscles, and the relaxing mediation breathing techniques gets rid of the fatigue in the body. An active and a healthy body is more immune to diseases

Improving the posture

The modern lifestyle and the technology has led to most of the professionals complain of a sore back, and neck aches. Having to sit continuously in chair for a longer time, and combined with the way we hold our cell phones is enough to cause stress in our back and neck.

Yogic exercises strengthen the core muscles and improve the posture, thus ridding any future major ailments which might even require surgery.

A peaceful mind

Combine Yoga and meditation and you get a calm mind which enables better decision making ability. A stressed mind will only give birth to hypertension and other related disorders. A peaceful mind helps us to take better decisions when it comes to eating habits, relationships and achieving professional goals.

Overall fitness

While not limited to strengthening only a few muscles in the body, the first-most exercise called as the ‘Surya Namaskar Asana’ helps the entire body gain flexibility and strength at the same time. A fit body will keep you energetic throughout the day, and keep you away from those slow killing deadly ailments such as artery blockages, diabetes, hypertension and more.

While there are a dozen other benefits associated with Yoga, these are the most essential in today’s generation. To achieve a healthy body and a healthy mind one has to embrace and practice Yoga continuously – be it in a fully functional gymnasium, or a quiet corner in your garden.

Happy and a Healthy Living!

Physiotherapy for Basketball Athletes

College basketball players are pretty busy; they not only have to attend school full-time and stay on top of their studies, they also have to play basketball well. With all the jumping, diving, running, and smashing into the other players, it’s no surprise that they get injured regularly.

While they’re busy staying on top of school and the game, their coaches, athletic trainers, and the physical therapists are working full-time to make sure they’re safe from injuries, especially when performing high intensity training such as a exercises to jump higher or agility training.

Precautions to Prevent Injuries

In order to prevent an injury from even happening, coaches and athletic trainers will make sure that their players are stretching thoroughly before and after practice, taping their ankles, sitting in cold tubs after practice, etc.,

Other ways to prevent injuries from occurring include:

  • Warming up thoroughly before every practice and game.
  • Wearing sensible basketball shoes that support the ankle and are skid-resistant.
  • Sneakers that have a high top are ideal for playing basketball.
  • Using the correct technique while in play.
  • Basketball players should be in top physical shape; strong core, agile, fast, etc.,
  • The basketball court should be thoroughly cleaned ahead of time.
  • Physical therapists highly recommend constant communication between an athlete and their coach and physical trainer.

If an injury does occur, however, this is where a physical therapist’s job starts.

Common Basketball Injuries

Basketball is a very physical sport that involves a lot of collisions for six months out of the year. Not to mention that these basketball players still have to stay in shape during the off-season. Serious injuries are likely to occur and often do.

The most common basketball injuries are ankle sprains (this is why they tape them), knee sprains (ACL tears), problems with the wrists and elbows, concussions, shoulder dislocations, etc.,

A Physical Therapist’s Job

A physical therapist’s job consists of a lot of updating and checking in on players. They’ll communicate thoroughly with the coaches and athletic trainers on a player’s progress after an injury. This includes how the injury happened, their progress in fixing it, how it’s affected their performance, etc., so they’re constantly monitoring it even after it’s, “healed.”

As mentioned earlier, physical therapists strongly urge athletes to constantly communicate with their coaches and physical trainers. Athletes can, not only be injured on the court, but also during any time of play so it’s important to report any sort of pain. It’s also important to prevent injury through strengthening. Watch this video to learn more.

Coaches will then report to physical therapists on a weekly basis to update any old and new injuries. Christy Schuckma, a physical therapist who works for Beacon Orthopedics and Sports Medicine in Cincinnati, is constantly talking to the basketball coaches about their players, “…I…re-evaluate the athletes, updating their objective measurements and functional status, as well as their rehab programs to focus on the most current deficits.”

Coaches, athletic trainers, and physical therapists have ongoing collaborations to make sure that, if their athletes injured, they’re back on the court as soon as possible. These collaborations are also made to make sure that these athletes stay safe, healthy, and in great physical shape. They’re much needed to keep the game going.



How Hypnotherapy Works

There’s too much misinformation about hypnosis and what it does. While a great majority assume hypnotherapy is a trickery quacks and charlatans use to send their subjects into a trance-like state to steal or use them for their evil deeds, a huge fraction will be quick to point out that it simply doesn’t work.

It’s for such reasons that we saw it fit to write this article and set the record straight. So what exactly is hypnotherapy and how does it work?

Hypnosis vs. Hypnotherapy

Even though lots of people use the two words interchangeably, they are NOT one and the same thing.

Whereas hypnosis refers to the state of relaxed focus coupled with a heightened sense of awareness, hypnotherapy is the process of applying hypnosis in a bid to initiate an interaction with the subconscious mind in a reflective process and influence a positive change in one’s life.

It’s through hypnosis that you can modify your behavior and replace some of the old beliefs you have with desirable ones. Through the process people can harness the power in their subconscious mind and improve their performance and focus, and resolve their personal issues.

How does it work?

Simple, hypnotherapy works by reprogramming the subconscious part of your brain. This is the part of the human brain that translates to habitual responses and instincts.

For instance, let’s assume you have someone that gets you nervous whenever you think of them. Just thinking about the person, even when they’re NOT around, alters your mood and emotions.

How did it happen?

Well, a mini hypnotic state jammed that person with you mind at some stage, and in the process ended up eliciting strong emotions of anxiety and nervousness. That was hypnosis at the basic level.

So quite simply, people use hypnotherapy to alter the response. Instead of letting the people or things you interact with control your emotions, hypnosis lets you take charge of the feelings you get.

Far from the misconception people have, hypnotherapy will never make you do things that are against your ethics and morals. Your thinking will be modified, but the therapy will never make you do things you really don’t want to do.

The whole point of the therapy is to facilitate a positive change by striking an interaction with the subconscious part of your mind. And in order for this to happen, the change itself must be initiated by you. Meaning, everything you do has to happen on a whim.


Hypnotherapy and Physiotherapy In Brampton

One of the most frustrating things that you can experience is having an injury. It is not only painful, but it can have a negative impact on your career. For example, if you are a professional athlete, injuries can adversely affect your ability to realize optimal results. Similarly, if you are a sports enthusiast who wants to be faithful to a prescribed health and fitness program, constant and sustained injuries could be your undoing.

There is a strong consensus among the health practitioners that an effective response to injuries lies in seeking long-term and sustainable solutions. Health and sports professionals recommend that the use of hypnotherapy and physiotherapy plays a critical role in having an injury free life or having an effective recovery. In deed, a combination of the aforementioned methods of treatment is going to play a significant role in the control and management of injuries. In this light, it is important to explore how both hypnotherapy and physiotherapy can be used for effective treatment of injuries.

Definition of Terms

The National Hypnotherapy Society (USA) defines hypnotherapy as a form of skilled verbal communication that directs the imagination of the client and with the aim of bringing about the intended alteration in perception, sensation, behavior, thought, and feeling. It is an interactive process where both the professional and the client make decisions on the best course of action.

The term physiotherapy refers to the adoption of proven skills and techniques in order to restore both function and movement to someone who has been affected by an injury. The Canadian Physiotherapy Association states that a physiotherapist will examine your medical history, carry out physical tests, and liaise with you in order to come up with an appropriate diagnosis. Physiotherapy is Canada is regulated by The Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators and you can find the best physiotherapist in your area at the The Physio Connection Directory.

Factors That Contribute to a Quick Recovery Process

The following factors contribute to a quick recovery process. You should bear in mind that these factors carry both the mental and physical attributes of an effective healing from injuries:

  • Having a positive mental attitude
  • Determination, desire, and motivation
  • Social support
  • The use of visualization skills and techniques

Using Hypnotherapy and Physiotherapy to Heal Injuries

Hypnosis is going to help you to use specific mental capabilities in order to have effective pain relief. In addition to that, it will help you to adopt a positive mindset in order to counter injuries and the pain that comes with them.

The rationale behind the use of hypnotherapy in healing is based on the relaxation principle. The relaxation of the body muscles plays a positive role in reducing tension. For example, if you have a strong imagination of relaxing on the beach or taking a massage, the imagery will lead to a strong sense of relaxation.

Physiotherapy has a strong emphasis on the physical aspect of healing. For example, a physio work on the back can be effective in reducing back pain. Similarly, physiotherapy can be used to treat foot pain. In Ontario, you should check out the Physio Connection Directory for your best options. There are excellent physio clinics in Brampton, such as these: Though it’s a bit off topic, there’s an excellent FAQ at Regina Physiotherapy  that might be interesting to you, too.

The Combo of Hypnotherapy and Physiotherapy in Healing Injuries

A qualitative analysis carried out in 2006 found out that a combination of imagery as well as physical rehabilitation plays a critical role in enhancing the healing experience and improves the rate of recovery. The term imagery is used in sports psychology to a technique that brings about sensations, mental feelings, and feelings. Other terms that are used to refer to imagery include the following:

  • self-hypnosis
  • mental rehearsal
  • guided imagery

Another argument that can be used to support this premise is that the best kind of health is holistic kind of health. This is where you become conscious of both mental and physical health. For example, when one is not mentally fit, there is a low likelihood that such a person can be physically healthy. For hypnosis in

The right response to injuries can help you to regain your physical and mental health. Also, it is going to ensure that you do not come under pain attacks. In addition to that, such efforts can be used to rehabilitate your career. Thus, you ought to rethink your treatment options in order to make a rational health decision. Adopting the use of hypnotherapy and physiotherapy (as a combination) could be a great way to start. In case you need more information on how to avoid or treat your injuries, it is advisable that you seek the opinion of a professional.